Economic Value Evaluation of Grassland at Ungetsu Mountain from the Standpoint of Residents

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  • 地域住民による雲月山草原の経済価値評価
  • チイキ ジュウミン ニ ヨル クモ ガッサン ソウゲン ノ ケイザイ カチ ヒョウカ

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Consciousness of residents on grassland conservation is clarified by conjoint analysis at Ungetsu region, Hiroshima Prefecture. Our results show that 1) WTP for keeping grassland area is ¥2257 for the residents and higher in younger people, 2) persons who have little children think to keep the grassland as a place of education and wildlife habitat, while persons with high education think as the habitat, 4) representatives in the region expect officers to act, persons who have many friends in the region expect volunteers and persons who acquaint with researchers expect specialist. The results are applicable to establish realistic plan of grassland conservation.


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