A STUDY ON THE PEDESTRIAN OCCUPIED TERRITORY IN THE CROSSING FLOW : The analysis with pedestrian territory model

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  • 群集交差流動における歩行領域確保に関する研究 : 歩行領域モデルを用いた解析
  • グンシュウ コウサ リュウドウ ニ オケル ホコウ リョウイキ カクホ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ホコウ リョウイキ モデル オ モチイタ カイセキ

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The purpose of this study is to analyze the patterns of complicated pedestrian flow with visible pedestrian territory model. The objects of observation are crossing flow in a concourse of JR station in morning rush hour and on a pedestrian crossing in town. The flow was vertically recorded by VCR camera from the ceiling and the movies are converted to each frame and transformed by computer. After that, the coordinates of all pedestrians at each frame is calculated. The pedestrian territory is defined as the 90cm circle from the coordinates of each pedestrian. The condition of unidirectional pedestrians which forms groups is similar to the distribution of electric field with Bezier Clipping method is user! to visualize the pedestrian territory.


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