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THE CONDITIONS OF THE "TWILIGHT SCHOOL" AND ITS APPLICATION : Study on the facilities for the children's outside school clubs Part 2

  • SAKURAGI Koshi
    Local Government, City of Inazawa
    Nagare College, Human Space Field, Graduate School of Socio Engineering (Architecture), Nagoya Institute of Technology

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  • トワイライトスクールの活動実態とその応用性 : 子どもの学校外活動と利用施設に関する研究 その2
  • トワイライトスクール ノ カツドウ ジッタイ ト ソノ オウヨウセイ コドモ ノ ガッコウ ガイ カツドウ ト リヨウ シセツ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ソノ 2

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This study aims to grasp the situation and the application to the "Twilight school". It is one of the children's outside school clubs. We made an questionnaire to the present activities, using conditions of the facilities. Then as a result, we get following: (1) The "Twilight school" is effective and is excellent as the children's outside school clubs. (2) The effective activity depends on the management of the person in charge and the responsibility of him is important. (3) The application to another government becomes possible by that the factor of the person and the factor at the facilities are serviced.


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