Evaluation and Biofeedback Training of Tremors Using Accelerometers(Symposium The approach to the mind from the body-What is made of biofeedback?-)


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  • 加速度を用いた振戦の評価とバイオフィードバック(シンポジウム からだからこころへのアプローチ-バイオフィードバックで何ができるか-)

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The control of tremors is needed to improve a daily life of a patient with Parkinson's disease (PD) or Essential tremor disease. For the treatment of PD tremors, L-DOPA as a precursor of dopamine is used. However it has serious side effects such as the ON-OFF phenomena and delusions. I aimed to regulate the tremor amplitude of the patients by using biofeedback (BF). My investigation has covered the following points : 1. Research of the objective tremor evaluation index 2. Construction of a tremor disease diagnosis system 3. Construction of BF training system for controlling of the tremor amplitude In this paper, I have described the studies and have discussed a possible way of BF training for controlling the tremor amplitude. In addition, as an engineer, I will describe how the advance of this biofeedback research will contribute to society in the future.



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