Imagery and biofeedback(Symposium "Well-tailored Biofeedback")

  • Hirota Akihisa
    First Information Science Section, National Research Institute of Police Science

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  • イメージとバイオフィードバック(シンポジウム こころへのはたらきかけとしてのバイオフィードバック-個人に合ったバイオフィードバックとは-)

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Many studies showed that mental imagery can induce some kind of physiological response. The physiological responses vary according to the content of imagery. In biofeedback training, subjects often use mental imagery as a cognitive strategy. According to physiological responses which a subject wants to regulate, the subject intuitively decides an imagery which may induce the target responses. The development of training depends on it that the subject will adopt an effective imagery. If a list of imagery including various contents is constructed and the trainer chooses the best imagery for the desired responses and provides it to the trainee, the effects of training will be achieved in a short period of time. The management of imagery used in biofeedback training will enhance the merit of biofeedback.



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