A Case of Gastroschisis With Intestinal Atresia Treated With Sutureless Closure and Ileostomy

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  • 小腸閉鎖症を合併した腹壁破裂に回腸瘻を造設し,sutureless closure を施行した 1 症例
  • ショウレイ ホウコク ショウチョウ ヘイサショウ オ ガッペイ シタ フクヘキ ハレツ ニ カイチョウロウ オ ゾウセツシ,sutureless closure オ シコウ シタ 1 ショウレイ

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Gastroschisis with intestinal atresia can be difficult to treat. We report a case of gastroschisis with intestinal atresia treated with sutureless closure and ileostomy. A neonate diagnosed with gastroschisis had to be delivered by emergency caesarean section at gestation 37 weeks because of uterine contractions. At birth, he was found to have a protruded intestine and triple interrupted atresia at the ileocecal region. Primary anastomosis was avoided, and ileostomy was performed to evade complications such as anastomotic perforation or stenosis, because the extruded intestine was edematous and the caliber of the dilated proximal intestine was large. The sutureless abdominal wall closure by umbilical cord coating was performed with an artificial stoma to facilitate management. There was no event during the postoperative progress. The treatment of gastroschisis with intestinal atresia varies; however, the choice of method in consideration of complications and care is necessary. Staged operation with primary enterostomy of the sutureless abdominal wall closure by umbilical cord coating is one of the choice methods.



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