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A Case DAT (Dementia of the Alzheimer Type) Induced and Manifested by Physical and Phychological Stress


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  • 身体的, 心理的ストレスが誘引となり, 痴呆が顕性化したアルツハイマー型痴呆の1例

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The patient was a 74-year-old male. He had suffered from severe lumbago since Mar. 1984. Furthermore, he had a trouble with a neighbor concerning his estate. He became insomniac, and gradually grew more agitated and depressed. Finally, he had delusions of injury and attempted suicide. He was admitted to Kokubu Hospital on Sep. 8,1984. He experienced remarkable depressive mood changes in spite of the administration of antidepressants and antiaxieties. In Oct. 1987,after being informed that his case was at a disadvantage concerning the trouble of his estate, he indicated night delirium for several days and gradually developed remarkable dementia symptoms. His agitaton and the depressive mood were, however, improved and he was discharged from the hospital on Jul. 6,1988. We discussed the relationship between the occurrence of DAT and stress levels and concluded that both maximal and minimal stress levels would promote the occurrence of DAT.



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