Clinical Application of Biofeedback Therapy(<Special Issue>Utility of Biofeedback Therapy in Psychosomatic Medicine)

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  • バイオフィードバック療法の臨床応用(<特集>心身医療に活かすバイオフィードバック療法)
  • バイオフィードバック療法の臨床応用
  • バイオフィードバック リョウホウ ノ リンショウ オウヨウ

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The biofeedback therapy is appropriate for many psychosomatic diseases. The physical examination must be done before beginning the biofeedback session. It is important to assess the suitableness of patients for biofeedback therapy. The efficacy of the biofeedback therapy is pointed out for several diseases. Furthermore, the biofeedback therapy enhances those effects of the autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. The problems of the biofeedback therapy are the high cost for the equipment and the time required for therapy.



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