Devices for Biofeedback Therapy(<Special Issue>Utility of Biofeedback Therapy in Psychosomatic Medicine)

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  • バイオフィードバック療法に用いる機器(<特集>心身医療に活かすバイオフィードバック療法)
  • バイオフィードバック療法に用いる機器
  • バイオフィードバック リョウホウ ニ モチイル キキ

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A typical biofeedback device consists of sensor(s), signal amplifier, signal processor, memory unit, communication unit, display, and power supply. Each element should be suitably chosen or adjusted for a specified application. Biofeedback devices are used not only in psychosomatic medicine but also in daily life, such as stress management and mental health promotion. In the paper, biofeedback devices now available in Japan were shown and briefly discussed. In Japan the market scale of biofeedback device has been small, partly because of strict legal regulations on medical equipments and materials.


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