The Efficiency of DAF in Parkinsonian Dysarthia.

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  • パーキンソン病の構音障害における遅延聴覚フィードバック(DAF)法の効果

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The effect of delayed auditory feedback (DAF) on dysarthria in Parkinson's disease (PA) patients was studied.<BR>Reading aloud of long sentences under non-loaded and DAF-loaded conditions was examined comparatively in five cases of PA with dysarthria (Yahr II-IV, speech intelligibility 1-3) by 1) evaluation through auditory impression, 2) estimation of rate of speech and 3) acoustic analysis.<BR>It was revealed that, under DAF-loading, 1) improvement of speech intelligibility to degree 1 or 2 was noticed by evaluation of auditory impressions in cases with a higher grade of dysarthria. In the comparative study on speech characteristics, improvement to some extent was noticed in four cases, with speech characteristics such as pronunciation speed and errors of articulation being items in which improvement was commnly observed in all cases. 2) Lowering of pronunciation speed was seen in all cases, and 3) formant pattern of vowel sounds was confirmed by acoustic analysis.<BR>From these results it was concluded that DAF reduces accelerated pronunciation speed, which is charcteristic to PA patients with dysarthria. In addition data suggested that DAF might reduce the number of errors in articulation induced by accelerated pronunciation speed.


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