The Effect of Sairei-to for Habitual Abortion.

  • UCHINO Naoki
    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shakai-hoken Sagamino Hospital

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  • 原因不明反復流産患者に対する柴苓湯の有用性の検討

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Sairei-to was administered to 19 women who had experienced recurrent abortion of unknown cause, at a dose of 8.1g/day. Their prognosis of pregnancy was evaluated by observing the changes in autoantibody titer over time. Sixteen of the 19 women became pregnant, and 11 of these patients delivered live newborn infants. All of these newborn infants were within normal range in body weight, and had Apgar scores of 8 points or more (at one minute). Seven women were positive for autoantibodies. Four of these seven women showed a decrease in antibody titer or diasappearance of autoantibodies following treatment with Sairei-to, and became pregnant with good prognosis. The remaining three women, however, showed no changes in antibody titer. Two of these women had unsuccessful pregnancies, and one had a successful pregnancy and delivery. No adverse drug reactions were noted in either mothers or infants. These results suggest that Sairei-to possesses excellent clinical efficacy in women with recurrent abortion of unknown cause. Use of Sairei-to in such cases is thus likely warranted, although further investigation is required to clarify the mode of action and to establish the optimal dosage regimen.


  • Kampo Medicine

    Kampo Medicine 47 (4), 631-634, 1997

    The Japan Society for Oriental Medicine


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