Diversity and Evaluation in Creative Problem-Solving: Findings from Insight Problem-Solving

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  • 創造的問題解決における多様性と評価  洞察研究からの知見
  • ソウゾウテキ モンダイ カイケツ ニ オケル タヨウセイ ト ヒョウカ ドウサツ ケンキュウ カラ ノ チケン
  • Findings from Insight Problem-Solving
  • 洞察研究からの知見

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The dynamic constraint relaxation theory predicts crucial roles of the initial diversity and evaluation in creative problem-solving. We reported the experimental evidence supporting these predictions, using an insight problem. The experiments showed that the degrees of making different types of trials and the appropriate evaluation were closely related to individual differences in insight problem-solving, and that evaluation became more appropriate by making the problem-solving goal explicit. The review of the research in related fields showed that these experimental findings were in congruent with the evidence obtained from different types of creative activities.


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