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  • 大規模ファサード試験(ISO 13785-2)に準拠した火災実験
  • 大規模ファサード試験(ISO 13785-2)に準拠した火災実験 : 開口上部ファサード近傍における温度・受熱量の測定結果
  • ダイキボ ファサード シケン(ISO 13785-2)ニ ジュンキョ シタ カサイ ジッケン : カイコウ ジョウブ ファサード キンボウ ニ オケル オンド ・ ジュネツリョウ ノ ソクテイ ケッカ
  • FIRE TESTS IMPLEMENTED IN RELATION TO ^|^ldquo;ISO13785-2^|^rdquo;
  • −Measurement of temperature and heat flux at facade wall above opening−
  • −開口上部ファサード近傍における温度・受熱量の測定結果−

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When flame penetration occurs at the glass window opening located in the exterior wall after flashover happens in the room/compartment where fire originally breaks out, exterior surface of the facade wall is heated by convection and radiation produced from the flame and plume spouted out from the broken window. ISO 13785-2 “Reaction-to-fire tests for facades – Part2: Large-scale test,” prescribes the test method determining the fire performance of exterior material installed onto the outer wall when heated by the external flame from the broken window. In this study, applying the large-scale fire test apparatus of ISO 13785-2, temperature and heat flux were measured in the proximity of non-combustible exterior facade which is located above the window opening from where flame spouts.



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