Developing Family Relationship Scale and the Hierarchical Factor Structures

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  • 家族関係尺度の構成とその階層的因子構造について
  • カゾク カンケイ シャクド ノ コウセイ ト ソノ カイソウテキ インシ コウゾウ ニ ツイテ

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The aim of this study was to construct a scale for family relationships. Essentially, as social relationships are bi-directional and asymmetrical, our data is considered to be three-mode (rater, rating targets, and items) data. A hierarchical factor analysis model was employed to analyze the three-mode data. Ten items that represented the relationships between family members were used. The participants were required to rate the behavior of the other members and vice versa. The model has two types of latent variables—the four factors representing the relationship among the members and a factor of all the items. The model could describe the relationship among the members as well as the characteristics of those relationships. Finally, in order to describe all the family relationships, the data will be constructed on the basis of three-mode data with a four-way combination. Therefore, the confirmation of the item parameters and factor structures in this study will determine the next step that this study should take.



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