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A diagnosis between Chrysosplenium album var. album and var. stamineum (Saxifragaceae) based on color of pollen grains and their geographical distribution


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  • 花粉の色によるシロバナネコノメソウとハナネコノメ(ユキノシタ科)の判別とその地理分布
  • カフン ノ イロ ニ ヨル シロバナネコノメソウ ト ハナネコノメ(ユキノシタカ)ノ ハンベツ ト ソノ チリ ブンプ

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Color of pollen grains of Chrysosplenium album Maxim. (s.l.) in vital conditions were yellow from Fukushima Pref. to north-east Gifu Pref., while those were white from south-west Gifu Pref. to Miyazaki Pref. These results are geographically so stable that color of pollen grains is valuable for diagnostic character between C. album var. album (white) and var. stamineum (yellow). Boundary area between var. album and var. stamineum is probably located around Gujo-shi, Gifu Pref., concordant with Wakabayashi(2001)'s recognition.



    BUNRUI 15 (2), 163-173, 2015

    Japanese Society for Plant Systematics


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