First Report of Anthracnose of <i>Arthraxon hispidus</i> by <i>Colletotrichum destructivum</i> and Lychee by <i>C. gloeosporioides</i> Found in Japan

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  • コブナグサおよびレイシに発生した炭疽病 (新称)
  • コブナグサ オヨビ レイシ ニ ハッセイ シタ タンソビョウ(シンショウ)

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Anthracnose of Kobunagusa, Arthraxon hispidus (Thunb.) Makino. and Lychee, Litchi chinensis Sonn., were found on Hachijo Island of Tokyo Metropolis in 2011. The fungi isolated from the diseased Kobunagusa and Lychee were identified as Colletotrichum destructivum O’Gara and C.gloeosporioides (Penzig) Penzig & Saccardo, respectively. Inoculation tests with the isolates to each host plant showed that the fungi were pathogens of the diseases. These new diseases were named as anthracnose, “tanso-byo” in Japanese.



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