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Relations Among Body Fat, Other Obesity Parameters and Data of Clinical Examinations

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  • 体脂肪量およびその他の肥満指標と臨床検査値との関係の検討

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Relations among various obesity markers and data of physiological, biochemical and hematological examinations were investigated. Eighty-five male and female volunteers aged 40 to 60 were examined their body fat percentages, fat distributions by computed tomography, waist, waist to hip circumference ratio and waist to height ratio as well as data of their physiological, biochemical and hematological examinations. Correlation coefficients among the parameters related fat distributions, obesity and all clinical data were calculated and the clinical significances of body fat to health conditions were discussed.<BR>Results and Conclusions: It was found that high triglycerides caused only the increase of offal fat and that high insulin caused increases of both offal and subcutaneous fat equally. It was found in female that the increase of offal fat caused the decline of liver functions, that the increase of subcutaneous fat caused the decline of renal functions, and that the increase of blood sugar only contributed to the increase of offal fat, although these functions were not clear in male because of the interferences of other factors. Among waist, waist/hip, and waist/height used as simple indicators of obesity, waist was found to reflect on subcutaneous fat best but not so on offal fat. Metabolic rate as well as calorie consumption did not correspond to the amount of fat but corresponded to the body weight, suggesting that energy sources consumed were not specified. It was also found that the increase of offal fat caused the increase of blood pressure, and that the increase of subcutaneous fat caused the decrease of blood pressure. LDL cholesterol was found to be correlated to Body Mass Index.


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