Investigation on the District Heating Supply and Possibility of Using Waste Heat Energy in Changchun, China

  • Wei Xindong
    Jilin Institute of Architecture Engineering
  • Gao Weijun
    Faculty of Environment Engineering, The University of Kitakyushu
  • Yin Jun
    Jilin Institute of Architecture Engineering
  • Li Haifeng
    Department of Architecture, Waseda University
  • Ojima Toshio
    Department of Architecture, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University

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In this paper, we analyzed the current situation of district heating in the city of Changchun, including heat source, the rate of propagation and total pipeline length. And we investigated the water temperature, water flux of waste energy source. Based on the investigation, we predicted available waste heat energy storage and the environment benefits when the low-temperature waste energy can be made use of. As a result, we found district heating mainly supplies heat for residence area in Changchun. About 37% of the total heating energy in Changchun is provided by a co-generation system. For the possible waste energy use, we found there is steady source in Changchun from sewage and river. If we can make use of all those sources, about 6.7% of the heating energy consumption can get from the sewage and river. The benefits of decreasing the pollutant are also important.



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