Analysis on the Influence of Atmospheric Pollution Caused by Increasing Automobile in Shanghai

  • Ren Jianxing
    Department of Power Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Electric Power
  • Gao Weijun
    Faculty of Environment Engineering, The University of Kitakyushu
  • Li Haifeng
    Department of Architecture, Waseda University
  • Wang Jian
    The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University
  • Zhao Penglin
    Shenzhen Municipal Planning & Land Bureau
  • Ojima Toshio
    Department of Architecture, Waseda University

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This article mainly studies the influence between the increase of automobiles and air pollution in Shanghai, and analyzes the relationship between the increase of automobiles and the national economy development and tries to find out a solution to mitigate the influence of the increase of automobiles on air pollution. The increase of automobiles is linear to the increase of the GDP, and it does not have direct relation with the increase of population. The pollution caused by automobiles is getting more and more serious in the urban area in Shanghai, and automobiles have become the main factor causing the urban air pollution. There are some important measures to reduce the pollution of the environment such as to meliorate traffic, limit the increase of automobiles, develop a public traffic and increase green area.



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