Investigation on the Standard for Energy and Environmental Design of Residential House in China

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In this research, the authors have carried out the research to investigate the characteristics of building energy standards of the residential building in China. Efforts have also been made to promote a better understanding of the energy policy and relevant standard for architects and building designers to achieve optimal energy efficient building design in China. The results can mainly summarized as follows:(1) As for the thermal environment design, the climate of China has been classified five zones.(2) The sunlight, lighting, ventilation environment of residential building have been specified in the new standards.(3) Prescribed the building design elements, such as layout, orientation, shape, color, plan and the type of window. In particular, the thermal insulation measures for heating system has been added in hot summer and cold winter region, which was not described in old standard.(4) It is admitted that there is still a difference compared with the standard of many foreign countries, and the improvement in the further heat insulation performance and positive execution of the standard continue to be expected.



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