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THE SURVEY OF ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE IN PROVINCIAL CITIES : 19years renewal instructions in Nagano city

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  • 地方都市の環境騒音の実測調査 : 長野市を対象とした19年の継続調査の結果
  • チホウ トシ ノ カンキョウ ソウオン ノ ジッソク チョウサ ナガノシ オ タイショウ ト シタ 19ネン ノ ケイゾク チョウサ ノ ケッカ

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In this paper, the measured results of environmental noise in provincial cities are discussed. We measured the environmental noise in the provincial cities of Nagano Prefecture for the past 19 years. The measured results are as follows. 1. In commercial zones and belong arterial roads areas, environmental noise was great. 2. In residential zones and agricultural zones, at environmental noise was small in many areas, but in some areas the noise level was high, due to loud road traffic noise. 3. We compared the data with past measurement results. In commercial zones and industrial zones, environmental noise decreased averagely. In residential zones and agricultural zones, L_<Aeq> and L_5 got smaller, but L_<50> and L_<95> got larger. These results indicate that at many areas in the city noise levels were uniform.


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