The bibliography of "Shinrano Kiroku"

  • Shindo Toru
    The Tsukuba University graduate school library information media graduatecourse docter latter period course

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  • 「新羅之記録」書誌解題稿
  • シンラ ノ キロク ショシ カイダイコウ

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" SHINRA NO KIROKU " is a history at the MATSUMAE HAN which was edited in 1646.It became the only historical records which tell history in Hokkaidou in the Middle Ages and the early stages of the modern times in the present and a lot of researchers used. However, it doesn't become in the clarifying about whether or not equal to or more than 10 kinds of manuscripts exist and what " SHINRA NO KIROKU " is related mutually. It found that a lot of manuscripts were made from this paper in the recent times after gathering most manuscript.


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