Hormonal Regulation of Social Behavior

    Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, University of Tsukuba

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  • 社会行動の調節を司るホルモンの働き
  • 講演論文 社会行動の調節を司るホルモンの働き
  • コウエン ロンブン シャカイ コウドウ ノ チョウセツ オ ツカサドル ホルモン ノ ハタラキ

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Gonadal steroid hormones, androgen and estrogen, regulate the expression of sex-typical behavior through organizational and activational action. To understand the biological basis of animal behavior, particularly social behavior, it is very important to focus on the life-long action of various hormones in the brain. In this article, we first summarize basic concepts in behavioral neuroendocrinology. We then overview our up-to-date findings in mice on the neuroendocrine basis of social behaviors such as sex and aggression, and effects of environmental and experiential manipulations during perinatal and pubertal periods. Based on these findings, we address the significance to study hormonal actions on formation, maintenance and modification of social bonding in both animals and humans, and propose an emerging field of translational social neuroendocrinology.



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