Change in Facial Skin Quality after Consuming a Collagen Containing Beverage

  • ITO Mayu
    M’s clinic Minamiazabu
  • MIKI Mika
    M’s clinic Minamiazabu
  • HAYASHI Hirotaka
    Center for Innovation, Kanazawa University
  • ARAI Takanari
    Endowed Center for the Advancement of Pregnancy, Perinatal and Infant Care, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science
  • SUZUKI Nobutaka
    Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clinical Research and Development, Kanazawa University
  • UEBABA Kazuo
    Department of Presymptomatic Health Promotion, Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama

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  • コラーゲン含有飲料摂取による顔面皮膚性状の変化
  • コラーゲン ガンユウ インリョウ セッシュ ニ ヨル ガンメン ヒフ セイジョウ ノ ヘンカ

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We conducted a preliminary study of the facial skin-improving effects of collagen-containing beverages as evaluated by objective indices. After obtaining written informed consent, 61 healthy females (age: 25–68, 34±8 y.o.) were randomly divided into two groups, receiving beverages containing 5 g (N=30) and 10 g (N=31), respectively, of collagen daily for one month. Facial skin moisture content and lower eyelid wrinkles were assessed before, 1 week and 1 month after consuming the test beverages. Results were analyzed of the 5 g and 10 g groups, as well as responder and non-responder groups. 10 g collagen beverages showed 50% effectiveness, and were more effective than the 5 g beverage; the effect was observable within 1 week. Furthermore, subjects with more wrinkles and drier skin showed greater benefit than those with higher facial skin moisture content and/or fewer wrinkles. It is suggested that a beverage containing 10 g collagen should be used for aged subjects with more wrinkles and/or drier skin for a period of 1–2 months in future randomized placebo-controlled trials of collagen-containing beverages.<br>


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