Development and Verification of Motor Load Test Equipment Using Disk Brake

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  • ディスクブレーキを用いた電動機負荷試験装置の製作とその検証
  • ディスクブレーキ オ モチイタ デンドウキ フカ シケン ソウチ ノ セイサク ト ソノ ケンショウ

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Characteristics and controllability analysis of the motor is tested by using the M-G set which is combining the motor and generator. The test of motor of tens of kW class that is used for the electric vehicle need the suitable generator or servo system. Thus, it is impossible to avoid the high cost and the increasing size of the M-G set. In this laboratory, we have conducted productions and experiments of the motor loading test equipment for the purpose of low speed, high torque test using auto parts. The equipment makes it possible to constant torque load test by feedback the hydraulic disc brake. It can more compact and inexpensive than with the servo system and the generator. In this paper, the loading test equipment was examined in consideration of not just the motor, but also chassis dynamo. As the results, it was confirmed that the constant speed test is possible in addition to the constant torque test. Therefore, we describe the diversity and ability test, report the experimental results include of the production process.



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