"Keyboard Island Adventure" : Development and Evaluation of Japanese Keyboarding Training System with Certification Scheme for Elementary Children (<Special Issue>Studies on Practical Use of e-Learning)

  • HORITA Tatsuya
    Research and Development Division, National Institute of Multimedia Education
    Faculty of Human Development, Toyama University

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  • キーボー島アドベンチャー : 検定機能を実装した小学生向け日本語キーボード入力学習システムの開発と評価(<特集>実践段階のeラーニング)
  • キーボー島アドベンチャー:検定機能を実装した小学生向け日本語キーボード入力学習システムの開発と評価
  • キーボートウ アド ベンチャー ケンテイ キノウ オ ジッソウ シタ ショウガクセイ ムケ ニホンゴ キーボード ニュウリョク ガクシュウ システム ノ カイハツ ト ヒョウカ

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We developed a Japanese keyboarding training and certification system for elementary school children. First we consulted with the experienced elementary school teachers who have conducted advanced study on keyboarding for children and then designed 30 steps to learn Japanese keyboarding. We designed a web application system with a story like that of a role-playing game. For two months from May 2003, the system was evaluated through a trial with 1,897 children from 19 elementary schools, and then adjusted the system prior to the official launch. The system was formally opened from September 2003. In March 2004, it was used by 52,326 Japanese children. Subjects ranged from third graders, the largest number of registrants, to sixth graders; according to analysis of training logs, this system improved the speed and accuracy of Japanese keyboarding by elementary school students.


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