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Demonize or Patientize? : Reasons in Favor of the Death Penalty or Life Confinement(<Featured articles>Rethinking Concepts of Justice and Fairness Through a Transdisciplinary Perspective in the Fields of Law and Psychology)


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  • 複線径路・等至性モデルからみる加害者の非人間化プロセス : 「Demonize」と「Patientize」(<サブ特集>法と心理学領域における公正概念の再検討)
  • 複線径路・等至性モデルからみる加害者の非人間化プロセス--「Demonize」と「Patientize」
  • フクセン ケイロ トウ シ セイ モデル カラ ミル カガイシャ ノ ヒニンゲンカ プロセス Demonize ト Patientize

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This study examines the labeling processes of "Demonizing" and "Patientizing," as a dehumanization of the evil perpetrator. It presents reasons for favoring the death penalty or life confinement on serious crimes described by participants in the role of prosecutors or defense based on the "Trajectory Equifinality Model." The figure in the heinous crime showed two processes of labeling the perpetrator. In the reason for death penalty, the perpetrator was labeled the "evil" character, while in that for life confinement, the perpetrator was labeled the "psycho" character. The labels derive from the assumption that the perpetrator has an abnormal mental structure. This study proposes that two dehumanizing strategies-demonizing and patientizing-are used to maintain the belief in a just world and issue a death penalty or a sentence of life imprisonment.



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