A Study on Requirements of Proper Images for Telepathology

    Product Development Department, Diagnostic Equipment Division, Olympus Corporation & Doctoral Program in Information Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology
  • TSUCHIHASHI Yasunari
    Department of Clinical Pathology Research, Louis Pasteur Center for Medical Research
  • KIKUCHI Hisakazu
    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Niigata University

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  • テレパソロジーにおける顕微鏡画像のデジタル化と組織診の観察フローモデル化の検討
  • テレパソロジー ニ オケル ケンビキョウ ガゾウ ノ デジタルカ ト ソシキシン ノ カンサツ フロー モデルカ ノ ケントウ

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The objective of telepathology is to realize a pathologist' s diagnosis in observing microscopic images transmitted from remote sites. Telepathology systems require presentation of proper images to achieve correct diagnosis. Presentation of proper images requires two points. The first is that images have to reflect the intention of a remote pathologist in both positioning and magnification to capture images of a specimen. The other is that images should have enough resolution for diagnosis. The former problem was solved by a modeling method for the pathological observation flow. That is an observation methodology model starting at the observation of the entire image of a specimen followed by careful and successive magnifications of particular areas of the specimen. An observation history can be modeled as a tree of observation events, and its root is the entire image of the specimen. The model was useful to construct a telepathology system between different types of terminals. The latter problem, that is, poor resolution of lower magnification microscopic images was pointed out by several telepathologists. We discussed the relationships between the resolution of an objective lens of a microscope and pixel pitch of an imaging device to account for digital images to have the same level of resolution as the naked eye. The result indicates that the ideal pixel pitch of imaging devices should be equal to half the product of the resolution in an objective lens and the magnification ratio of a microscope. We found that the pixel pitch of the actual camera installed in our telepathology system is so big compared with the ideal pitch in lower magnifications that it causes the insufficient resolution. A precise matching between the optical lens system and imaging device can improve the situation.



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