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Numerical Analysis of Deposition Rates of Zirconium Thin Films by Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition

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  • 熱CVD法によるジルコニア膜合成時の堆積速度の推定
  • ネツ CVDホウ ニ ヨル ジルコニア マク ゴウセイジ ノ タイセキ ソクド

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Zirconia films were prepared by the CVD method using thermal decomposition of zirconium-tetra-i-propoxide with He gas under 20kPa. The films on the substrate consisted of fine particles less than 1μm and were metastable tetragonal-zirconia. The maximum deposition rate was 6nm/s at 673K and a reactant gas concentration of 0.05mol%. The profile of deposition rate was calculated using a simplified reaction and coagulation model. The calculated results showed a good agreement with the experimental data under the operating conditions of 673K and 0.07mol%. Deposition rates for the system used are estimated with this model.



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