The Change of Co-education about Practical Arts and Home Economics according to the Revision of National Curriculum since World War II in Korea

  • JUNG Hyojung
    The United Graduate School of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University
  • OTAKE Midori
    Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University

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  • 男女共通履修をめぐる戦後の韓国教育課程改訂による実業・家政科の変遷
  • ダンジョ キョウツウ リシュウ オ メグル センゴ ノ カンコク キョウイク カテイ カイテイ ニ ヨル ジツギョウ ・ カセイカ ノ ヘンセン

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The current urgent task facing school education is to nurture the literacy of critical thinking, expressiveness and problem-solving skills among students to enable them to survive in the rapidly changing society. Teachers are required to empower themselves and their own abilities to cope with these missions; that is, to support students' developing such new scholastic literacy. In this research, a twelve-hour program of lessons for home economics teachers was developed and implemented for three years from 2009 to 2011, within the framework of "the Teacher License Renewal Program" organized by the University of Fukui. The program contained collaborative learning and problem-solving activities, aiming to nurture teachers' (i.e. the attendees') literacy of problem solving and their lesson-planning skills. The effectiveness of program was analyzed by using teachers' work such as illustrations and lesson plans, descriptions and other evaluation data over the three years. Through data analysis, teachers' enthusiastic approaches towards, and deeper understanding of, the collaborative activities and problem-solving learning became apparent, and the program received high evaluations from the attendant teachers. Based on all of the analysis, the effectiveness of the program was indicated.


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