Virtual Machine Co-migration for Out-of-band Remote Management

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In Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds, users manage the systems in virtual machines (VMs) called user VMs through remote management systems (RMSes). To allow users to manage their VMs during failures inside the VMs, IaaS usually provides out-of-band remote management. This management is performed indirectly via an RMS server in a privileged VM called the management VM. However, it is discontinued when a user VM is migrated. This is because an RMS server in the management VM at the source host is terminated on VM migration. Even worse, pending data is lost between an RMS client and a user VM. In this paper, we propose D-MORE for continuing out-of-band remote management across VM migration. D-MORE provides a privileged and migratable VM called DomR and performs out-of-band remote management of a user VM via DomR. During VM migration, it synchronously co-migrates DomR and its target VM and transparently maintains the connections between an RMS client, DomR, and its target VM. We have implemented D-MORE in Xen and confirmed that a remote user could manage his VM via DomR after the VM has been migrated. Our experiments showed that input data was not lost during VM migration and the overhead of D-MORE was acceptable.



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