Analysis of Teaching and Learning Cooking Practice in Home Economics Lesson of Student Teachers

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  • 教育実習生の家庭科授業にみられる授業実践力の分析 : 調理実習における教授・学習行動に注目して
  • キョウイク ジッシュウセイ ノ カテイカ ジュギョウ ニ ミラレル ジュギョウ ジッセンリョク ノ ブンセキ チョウリ ジッシュウ ニ オケル キョウジュ ガクシュウ コウドウ ニ チュウモク シテ

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Focusing on teacher and student actions, the purpose of this paper is to describe issues found in four cooking practice lessons conducted by student teachers. The lesson plans and the videorecorded lessons were analyzed by using the check-sheet that consists of categories for teaching and learning activities. Teaching activities were classified into four teaching skill groups (T1-T4) and learning activities were classified into five learning skill groups (S1-S5). The results are summarized as follows; 1) In the four cooking practice lessons, it was found that the time spent in both teaching and learning skills groups were similar. It is speculated that the lesson plans in the cooking practice lessons followed a set pattern. 2) The following four points illustrate the shortcomings of the student teacher lessons. ・Composition of the real activity plan in its planning stage. ・Expectation of the time needed for learning activities and promote teaching strategy for students. ・A close examination for explanatory words. ・Setting of the appropriate conditions to observe the cooking material. It seems that these shortcomings are commonly found in other subjects taught by the student teachers.



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