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Transformational leadership and learning goal orientation: The mediating role of organizational commitment

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  • 学習志向性に対する変革型リーダーシップの影響とそのメカニズムの検討
  • ガクシュウ シコウセイ ニ タイスル ヘンカクガタ リーダーシップ ノ エイキョウ ト ソノ メカニズム ノ ケントウ

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This study investigated the relation between transformational leadership and learning goal orientation through the mediating role of organizational commitment. Previous studies have specified some factors and the nomological network related to goal orientation both empirically and theoretically, and moreover shown that researchers need to focus more on organizational factors that influence individuals' goal orientation, including both performance goal orientation and learning goal orientation. Recognizing the need to explore the relationship between goal orientation and the factors affecting it, this study explored the relation between transformational leadership and learning goal orientation with focusing on the role of organizational commitment. The results of structural equation modeling from a retail company (N = 2,648) indicated that transformational leadership not only directly affects a follower's learning goal orientation, but also indirectly affects it via organizational commitment. This study has theoretical implications for the study on the relationship of transformational leadership and learning goal orientation. Some of its limitations are also discussed.


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