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Surface Pressure Distribution Measurement on an Airfoil using a Laser Displacement Sensor and Deflected Films

  • TEZUKA Asei
    Dept. Applied Mech. and Aerospace Eng. Waseda University

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  • レーザ変位計を用いた薄膜撓み計測による翼表面圧力分布の測定


For the measurement of the surface pressure distribution, we can use the differential pressure transducer as a conventional pressure measurement of fluid, with plumbing pipes inside the airfoil-section model for delivering the static-pressure from the surface of the model. The surface pressure distribution is measured with high-precision, but the cost for producing the model is expensive. In this paper, new pressure-measurement system is proposed to measure the surface pressure distribution at the low-speed condition with low cost. The surface pressures are obtained by measuring the deflection of a film which is attached on the surface of the model. In the present study, a wing section model is placed 150mm away from the wing tunnel wall, and the surface pressure distribution on the airfoil is measured. The results measured by the present method and the differential pressure transducer are compared. The results demonstrate that the present method yields essential information of the pressure distribution which is transformed with increasing the angle of attack.



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