A Study of the Differences and Competitive Strategies in Graduate Programs that Foster International Sports Managers

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  • 国際的なスポーツマネジメント人材を育成する大学院プログラムの差異及び競争戦略に関する研究
  • コクサイテキ ナ スポーツマネジメント ジンザイ オ イクセイ スル ダイガクイン プログラム ノ サイ オヨビ キョウソウ センリャク ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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    The Purpose of this paper is to clarify the competitive strategies of programs in recently established sports management graduate schools such as AISTS, University of Liverpool FIFA Master, MEMOS, Seoul National University and the Russian International Olympic University by comparing the differences in each of the business areas.<BR>    This paper compares the categories of “Customer” , “Mission” , “Provides value” and “Cost structure” of the abovementioned institutions. As a result, the categories of “Mission” , “Provides value” and “Cost structure” of each program were found not to be significantly different across the institutions. On the other hand, the “Customer” category showed differentiation in each of the graduate programs. <BR>    The results indicate that the graduate programs in this research field represent a relationship involving conflict in terms of managing graduate education programs to foster international sports managers. Despite this competitive strategy, competition between these institutions is avoided through differentiation of each institution’ s “customer” base.



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