Environmental effect on ecosystem and water quality improvement ability of a small channel by Environmentally Active Concrete in Amagasaki Canal

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  • 尼崎運河での環境活性コンクリートによる生物浄化水路への効果
  • アマガサキ ウンガ デ ノ カンキョウ カッセイ コンクリート ニ ヨル セイブツ ジョウカ スイロ エ ノ コウカ

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 The environmental effects of the environmentally Active Concrete (AC) were evaluated by a field experiment in Amaga-saki Canal. We focused on a difference of ecosystem response and water quality improvement ability between AC and ordinary concrete (OC). The experiment conducted in a small water channel facility in Amagasaki Canal and a U-shaped gutter that contained L-arginine were set up on the channel. We applied the AC contains L-arginine 3% ratio by weight. As a result, the primary production of Algae was increased to 130% with AC, and twice the number of benthos could be alimented by AC more than OC. The elimination quantity of nitrogen from the seawater increased by AC corresponding to the primary productivity difference between AC and OC.



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