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Study on Dynamics of Penetrator into Ice


<p>To realize the penetrator mission for icy objects in the solar system, the penetration dynamics into ice has been experimentally and numerically studied. In the experiments, the ogive/cylinder projectiles of the mass about 2.6 g were tested for the target made from water ice by the ballistic range at the impact velocity 100-350 m/s. The behavior of the projectile and target was observed by the high-speed video camera. The penetration trajectory was visualized by pouring the plaster into the crater. The empirical analysis model to describe the force acting on the body surface has been developed, based on the panel method and the shock wave analogy. It includes two parameters representing the effective speed of sound of crushed ice and the damping of the pitching motion. Fairly good agreement with the experiments was obtained with respect to the stop conditions of the penetrator by setting these parameters appropriately. The computational result assuming a flight model of the mass 14.9 kg and the impact velocity 300 m/s shows that the maximum deceleration G is in the same order as that for the lunar penetrator.</p>



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