Thrust Performance in a 5 kW Class Anode Layer Type Hall Thruster


<p>As a part of a Japanese collaborative research and development project on practical use of a high power anode layer type Hall thruster, a 5 kW class anode layer Hall thruster (RAIJIN94) has been developed and the thrust performance has been evaluated. The thrust was measured in the ion engine endurance test facility at ISAS/JAXA using a pendulum thrust stand developed at the University of Tokyo. The thrust performance at 3 kW operation was measured (xenon anode mass flow rate of 9.8 mg/s and xenon cathode mass flow rate of 0.5 mg/s); the thrust, specific impulse, and thrust efficiency were found to be 160 mN, 1600 sec and 0.42, respectively. The thrust performance depends on magnetic field configuration, that is, the strength of the magnetic field and the ratio of trim coil to inner/outer coil.</p>