A Fundamental Study on the Nonlinear Turbulent Modeling Based on Results of Image Velocimetry for the Flow Passing Through a Porous Media

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  • 画像計測に基づく多孔質体通過流れの非線形乱流モデリングに関する基礎的研究
  • ガゾウ ケイソク ニ モトズク タコウシツタイ ツウカ ナガレ ノ ヒセンケイ ランリュウ モデリング ニ カンスル キソテキ ケンキュウ

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The modeling of turbulence for the flow passing through a porous media is analyzed experimentally by using a priori tests. Velocity field inside and around a porous media is obtained with PTV. Two turbulence models, linear eddy viscosity model and nonlinear model, are tested on different Reynolds number conditions. There is a high correlation in the turbulent stress and the nonlinear velocity gradient. The applicability of the latter model is higher than the former. The model coefficient doesn't depend on the Reynolds number and the size of the spatial average area.



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