Effect of Short-pauses taken in Presentation on the Audiences' Approval

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  • 発話中の「間」がプレゼンテーションに対する聴衆の支持に与える影響
  • 発話中の「間」がプレゼンテーションに対する聴衆の支持に与える影響-書評ゲーム『ビブリオバトル』の発表音声録音データ分析による考察-
  • -書評ゲーム『ビブリオバトル』の発表音声録音データ分析による考察-
  • - Speech Analysis of Book Review Presentation Game, “Bibliobattle” -

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Short-pause is one of the important elements of presentation. In this study, we have investigated differences of taking short-pauses between winners and losers of book review presentation game, Bibliobattle. In order to find short-pauses, non-utterance sections in presentations are detected by converting time discrete audio signal to energy. Length, times and appearance position of short-pauses of winners and losers were compared. As a result, the following things were revealed. The first is that the average times of winners' brief (less than 0.4 sec) short-pauses is significantly smaller than losers' one. The second is that the losers' average times of short-pauses which appeared in unnatural position (between noun and postpositional particle or suffix) is significantly larger than winners' one.



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