A Study of the Development of Participant's IKIRU CHIKARA (Zest for Living) in Waterwise Program


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  • 水辺活動におけるウォーターワイズプログラムが児童の生きる力に及ぼす効果


The purpose of this study was to clarify the development of participant's IKIRU CHIKARA in WaterwisePrograms.Furthermore, the differences in development of IKIRU CHIKARA, due to the participant's level ofexperience of nature activities, were examined.The IKIRU CHIKARA of the 346 campers (267 analysiscandidates) was measured both before and after the program by using an IKIRU CHIKARA measurementsurvey, developed by Tachibana et al (2003). The campers were composed of elementary school students (grade5).<BR>The Main findings were as follows;1) 13 factors within the survey of participant's IKIRU CHIKARA, showed significant development between before and after Waterwise Programs. 2) The developmental processof participant's IKIRU CHIKARA wasn't different due to their sex, although the participant's IKIRUCHIKARA was from the beginning fundamentally different due to their sex. 3) The developmental process ofparticipant's IKIRU CHIKARA wasn't different due to the participant's experience level of nature activities, though participants of the IKIRU CHIKARA survey, who had a high-level of nature activity experience showeda greater increase in IKIRU CHIKARA than more lower-level participant's.<BR>These results revealed that Waterwise Programs influence the development of participant's IKIRU CHIKARA.



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