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Educational Continuation and Early Occupational Attainments Among Undergraduates in China

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  • 学部生の進路志向における家庭的背景の影響
  • 学部生の進路志向における家庭的背景の影響 : 中国の4大学を事例として
  • ガクブセイ ノ シンロ シコウ ニ オケル カテイテキ ハイケイ ノ エイキョウ チュウゴク ノ 4 ダイガク オ ジレイ ト シテ
  • 中国の4大学を事例として

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The Chinese government has been expanding college student enrollment since 1990. Although the employment of college graduates has not become a serious social problem as had been originally anticipated, the number of students undergoing entrance examinations for graduate school are increasing. Studying abroad is also becoming an option for some graduates. Because going to graduate school adds an economical load upon parents, there is concern that family background will influence undergraduates' options.<BR>This paper analyzes the effect of family background on the intent to continue education and on early occupational attainment among undergraduates. The information used in this analysis has been collected from 1, 341 undergraduates in four elite universities located in Beijing and Shandong, from February to March 2003.<BR>The main results are as follows:(1) In the elite universities, the desie to go on to domestic graduate schools or study abroad among undergraduates is very high. Undergraduates there are likely to seek employment in foreign-invested enterprises, to seek employment as managers or professionals, and to seek work in big cities.(2) The desire to continue education or study abroad among undergraduates is greatly influenced by family background. Educational continuation is influenced by parents' education and studying abroad is influenced by family income. However, educational continuation among graduates in their fourth year is influenced by not only parents' education but also family income. However, the impact of family background on early occupational attainments is significantly weakening.<BR>



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