Contemporary Tasks of Educational Administration in a Changing Society

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  • 教育経営の現代的課題
  • キョウイク ケイエイ ノ ゲンダイテキ カダイ

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The present article aims to consider the contemporary tasks which educational administration should fulfil to meet urbanization and educational innovation exerting marked influence upon it.<BR>Urbanization is a making it necessary for educational administration to fulfil the following tasks:<BR>(1) To make a readjustment of conditions in the light of the fact that urbanization tends to polarize schools in the form of educationally advantaged and disadvantaged ones.<BR>(2) To take a drastic measures to reduce the regional inequalities from the viewpoint of social justice.<BR>(3) To re- appraise the unit of educational administration to meet changes in demographic structure, the expanding living sphere of people and the improvement in the quality of education.<BR>(4) Individual schools should develop their own curriculum.<BR>To meet the educational innovation, it is necessary, in the light of the tendency of school systems to be retarded in adapting themselves to innovation, that the conventional practice and ideas of educational administration be changed in terms of its whole aspects ranging from school equipment and facilities to timeschedule and in-service training of teachers.<BR>In conclusion, contemporary tasks educational administration are those of decision-making based on the results of the comprehensive examination of various problems facing education today.


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