Visual Chart Design by Japanese Researchers and Engineers

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  • 国内の研究者・技術者によるグラフデザインの実態
  • コクナイ ノ ケンキュウシャ ・ ギジュツシャ ニ ヨル グラフデザイン ノ ジッタイ

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We examined the actual quality of Japanese visual chart design and the basic elements that Japanese researchers and engineers need in order to improve this quality. A survey was conducted, and responses were 209. Most of them (85%) used Microsoft Excel. They most often used bar & column charts (75%), followed by line charts (74%) and scatter diagrams (66%). Most of them used presentation slides (86%), followed by documents such as papers (83%). The main targets were researchers and engineers, and therefore these charts needed to be highly specialized. 94% thought that improving their chart design skills would be useful to further their research and 41% were dissatisfied with the charts they had designed. It is important that the guidebook include guidance on how to ensure charts are "comprehensible and scientifically correct" and "attractive, with good aesthetics".


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