Elasto/Visco-Plastic Dynamic Response of Axisymmetrical Shells Under Mechanical and/or Thermal Loading

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An analytical method for the elasto/visco-plastic dynamic problems of axisymetrical thin shells subjected to mechanical and/or thermal loads is developed. The equation of motion and the relations between the strains and displacements are derived by extending Sanders' elastic shell theory. For the constitutive relations, Perzyna's elasto/visco-plastic equations including the temperature effect are employed. The derived fundamental equations are numerically solved by the finite difference method. As numerical examples, the simply supported cylindrical shells made of mild steel are treated and the following two cases are analyzed: a nonuniform temperature cylinder subjected to impulsive internal pressure, and an internal pressure cylinder subjected to impulsive thermal load. In both cases the variations of displacements and internal forces with time are discussed.


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