Bending Characteristics of Concrete Filled Double Steel Tubular Members

  • Uenaka Kojiro
    神戸市立工業高等専門学校 都市工学科
  • Kitoh Hiroaki
    大阪市立大学大学院 工学研究科都市系専攻
  • Gotoh Ryota
    北海道大学工学部 (研究当時 : 神戸市立工業高等専門学校都市工学科)

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  • 中空式二重鋼管・コンクリート合成部材の曲げ特性


Concrete filled double steel tubular members (CFDT) consist of two centric steel tubes and filled concrete between them. By the arrangement of the inner tube, own weight can be reduced in comparison with concrete filled steel tubular members. Four point loading tests on twelve specimens of CFDT were performed. Experimental parameters are inner-to-outer diameter ratios and outer tube's diameter-to-thickness ratios. The purpose of this study is to investigate effect of inner-to-outer diameter ratios on bending capacities. Experimental strengths were good agreement with bending strengths calculated using axial load (N)-bending moment (M) relation, where N was equal to zero. Failure modes were local buckling and fracture of outer tube. The larger inner-to-outer tube's diameter ratios, yield the smaller confinement strength.


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