SYMPOSIUM V A Contribution of Educational Psychology to Instructional Methodo

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  • V 教授学における教育心理学の寄与

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In order to promote a contribution of educational psychology to instructional methodology, major goal of facilitating scientific communication between researchers was expected to be achieved.<BR>Four speakers offered different viewpoints. Expectation of and request for educational psychology was the theme for discussion offered by Prof. T. Inagaki. Prof. J.Hosoya discussed “how we theorize the teaching and leaning processes” by showing examples of his own teaching programs based on his researches. From scientific research point of view, Prof. G. Hatano emphasized the important rigorous type of laboratory research in psychology, under the title of “The utility of laboratory research”. Prof. A. Yoshida offered a unified orientation in the field of science of teaching, on the theme of “Science of teaching” and educational psychology: its aim and methods. The symposium was characterized by exciting interchange between speakers and attendants.


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