Marital Relations and Depression in School-Age Children

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  • 夫婦関係と児童期の子どもの抑うつ傾向との関連
  • 夫婦関係と児童期の子どもの抑うつ傾向との関連 : 家族機能および両親の養育態度を媒介として
  • フウフ カンケイ ト ジドウキ ノ コドモ ノ ヨクウツ ケイコウ ト ノ カンレン カゾク キノウ オヨビ リョウシン ノ ヨウイク タイド オ バイカイ ト シテ
  • Links with Family Functioning and Parental Attitudes Toward Child Rearing
  • 家族機能および両親の養育態度を媒介として

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To investigate the relationship between marital relations and children's depression, as mediated by family functioning and parental attitudes toward child rearing, a questionnaire survey was carried out using a mailed questionnaire. Questionnaires completed by the father, mother, and children (average age of fathers, 43 years; mothers, 39. 8 years; children, 10. 2 years) were received from 313 families out of 1,360 families originally contacted. Mothers and fathers were asked to answer independently questions regarding their marital relations, family atmosphere, family cohesion, and attitudes toward childrearing. Children's depression was measured by a self-administered depression scale. The results supported the hypothesis that higher scores on the marital love scale were related to better family functioning and warmer parental attitudes toward child rearing, and that the marital love scale was negatively correlated with children's depression. The mother's warm attitude toward their children was correlated with lower depression in the children; no significant correlation of depression with attitude was found for fathers.


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