The Effects of Scents on Emotion and Performance in User Experience of Application Software


Olfaction-based interaction is considered as a new frontier in digital communication. There are increasing range of new products attaching scent diffusers to personal electronic devices (personal computer, smartphone, etc.). In stead of enriching the virtual reality experience, we intended to investigate the effects of scents in the experience of using application software that has no correlation or association with scents. By conducting two experiments, it was shown that different scents influenced user experience in different ways on emotion and performance. Stimulating scents (essential oils) influenced emotion both positively and negatively when using different applications such as games and productivity software. On the other hand, relaxing scents (tea leaves) had positive effects on the performance of productivity software. The study suggests that the inclusion of scent in the design process of personal electronic devices will be significant even the specific application software or function has no association or correlation with scents.


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