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Implementation of a Large-scale Discussion Support System Collagree


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  • 多人数ワークショップのための意見集約支援システムCollagreeの試作と評価実験
  • 多人数ワークショップのための意見集約支援システムCollagreeの試作と評価実験 : 議論プロセスの弱い構造化による意見集約支援
  • タニンズウ ワークショップ ノ タメ ノ イケン シュウヤク シエン システム Collagree ノ シサク ト ヒョウカ ジッケン : ギロン プロセス ノ ヨワイ コウゾウカ ニ ヨル イケン シュウヤク シエン
  • ~議論プロセスの弱い構造化による意見集約支援~
  • - Large-scale Discussion Support based on a Weakly Structured Discussion Process -

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Systems such as Twitter or Facebook that support users to share opinions and ideas are in wide use. However, they do not support converging opinions or making agreements. On the other hand in the field of public policy-making, workshops among civilians are active as an effective methodology to gather opinions or ideas and make agreements about public policy. In some workshops, only a limited number of experts discuss and agree on their opinions and ideas. However it is difficult convince non-experts and civilians to agree to these ideas. Additionally because of physical limitations, including time duration, number of participants and distance, another issue fased is about the cost to hold the workshops. What is required is an open workshop support system that enables people to easily participate with less physical limitations. Thus, we implemented a large-scale discussion support system called, Collagree, to satisfy these requirements. For such large-scale discussions, from the viewpoint of collective intelligence, some level of management or control is required. For example, in the Wikipedia project, some management-level people are confirming the newly created contents, and in the open source project for Linux, Linus Torvalds leads the Linux community. It is true that discussions often go into ”framing” without some level of management, like in the Wikipedia and Linux projects. Thus, we propose ”weakly structured” discussion, in which some human facilitators coordinate large-scale discussions while our system provides several supporting functions for those facilitators. In this paper, we present an implementation of Collagree and the experimental results of a large-scale discussion about sightseeing in Nagoya. The results demonstrate that Collagree enables users to participate easily, and is useful to gather novel ideas from the participants.


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